We cook our worldly foods using seasonal produce from our own farm, Hob Nob Farm, as well as many other organic local farmers.

We have chosen to celebrate ethnic diversity that makes this beautiful world what it is. We are all blessed to have a world of flavors at our fingertips everyday.

We proudly serve 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free meats and eco-friendly fishes. All of our beans, rices, flours and juices are organic. There are no artificial flavors or coloring in anything we serve.

We strongly believe that by making small changes in the way we purchase and consume foods, we can make a big impact on our health as well as on our community and the world.

By eating local foods that are grown close to home, you are able to eat it at the peak of flavor and vitality, support local farmers and save precious resources used to transport foods, literally, thousands of miles.

It is the small farms and rolling pastures that make the Appalachian Mountains what they are and we are committed to keeping them that way.

We use local produce with the seasons, buying from the farmers directly or though local farm cooperatives. We believe that by doing so, we are are helping to create a more sustainable way of life for generations to come.

Thanks for your help and enjoy!

Local Partnerships With

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Local Springer Mountain Chicken…Farm Raised Eggs
Nitrate Free All Natural Applewood Smoked Bacon
Organic Tempeh & Tofu … Wild Citrus Pepper Salmon
NC Grown Cabbage, Kale, Beets & Sprouts & More
Bald Guy Brew Locally Roasted Coffee
New River Organic Growers…Hanging Gardens Farm